For 18-28 year old Young Professionals


Thursday 24th May - The Lowry Hotel - 9:15am to 4:15pm

  • Understanding Your Natural Talent And The Motivation Of Others with Bernadette Willems of Greater Manchester Mediation Limited

    Bernadette is a Business Peacemaker. She started her professional career as a Litigation solicitor. Realising the negative impact, the one winner/one loser outcome had on litigants, she subsequently trained as a mediator, with a view to giving back power to individuals to negotiate their own outcomes, and as such has been involved in facilitating and helping communication between separating couples and workplace colleagues in dispute for over 20 years.

    In the last ten years Bernadette has been increasingly involved in helping businesses and organisations improve their team dynamics. Identifying the natural talents of individuals and ensuring that the responsibilities and accountabilities are aligned to ensure the best results for all concerned. This enables all the individuals to be fully engaged in their own personal social responsibility. 

    09.15 Registration, Refreshments & Networking - 10.00 - 12.00 Presentation

    Providing an insight into why individuals think and act differently is hugely empowering. Self knowledge is the cornerstone of personal development and Bernadette helps individuals have a clear understanding of themselves and helps them identify their natural talents. This self knowledge also helps a person's appreciation and their understanding of the motivation of others, whether colleagues, family or friends. 

    In a work situation this enables individuals to see what they should be doing more of and how to encourage greater team cooperation, productivity and performance. Once they appreciate the differences that exist, it is easy for them to recognise how a team can be enhanced. They can identify how the different profiles have a distinct role to play in the success of a business and in maintaining a harmonious business environment where everybody is working to the common goal.

    • Discover how having a greater understanding of yourself and your colleagues will increase Trust and Effectiveness in your business and your clients.
    • Understand the quickest ways to increase Trust and Effectiveness.
    • Find out how you can massively increase your personal and team's productivity.
    • Understand how you can utilise the the resources identified for yourself and with your clients for driving business results.

    Testimonials for Bernadette Willems

    "You have taught me a lot about myself and dealing with other people."


    "We were amazed with the difference your training made to our bottom line of profits in addition to the enhanced team co-operation and understanding. The time our team spent with you was invaluable, and it was so useful to find out how we can express the same thing in different ways , yet be misunderstood. Understanding how a crisis can make people revert to learned negative behaviour, and how having an insight into our natural talent and energy can help change this for the better. The experience was one everyone thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. Great training!"

    Public Sector PCT

    "The personality tests and review was extremely effective, as it gave insights into each other's' approach/reactions to stresses and situations.As a result of this, the working environment has improved immensely and communication between the team members changed completely. As the weeks have passed, there is now a growing feeling of ease and trust."

    Terry - Salford CC

    "I would like to thank you for your help resolving the team issues we were experiencing late last year. Taking part in your workshop has helped both myself and the team have a greater understanding of each other's behaviour and motivation in the work environment. As a manager it is a pleasure to see the 'team gel' and watch them grow in confidence. Although I have seen similar models of Personality Profiles, the PSR Model showing how to work with each other was excellent. I understand members of the team have never been involved with profiling and really enjoyed the experience.Once again thank you for your time and he"

    Susan - Salford CC